How long are you going

to wait before you demand

the best for yourself?

Epictetus, Stoic Philosopher

Meet Janet ...

A Therapist on a Mission

Hello! I’m Janet Simpson,

I am an accedited counsellor and certified Magnetic Mind coach. I help people overcome barriers to creating their best lives, personally and professionally.

For individuals and couples, I offer a confidential, non-judgemental space to explore any barrier, crisis point or trauma related issue. Saying things out loud to another person can be a big relief and the start of your healing journey.

In my Conversations4Living (C4L) groups, I use energy circles to create magic! This useful self-mastery tool helps to increase self awareness, gratitude and life satisfaction whilst decreasing anxiety, depression and unwanted mind chatter focused on events in the past. 


I take every opportunity to have conversations about sex whilst promoting open, informative conversations between partners, parents, professionals and children about sex and pornography. Get informed with my FREE ebook, find out how regular porn use alters brain plasticity and relationships. 

I am a Therapist on a mission!

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Love, self-wisdom and magic.
Janet x


My Services

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Confidential women only service

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Safeguarding Supervision

Let's drop the drama of life together. Join in with conversations that inspire and challenge the humdrum of life, using energy circles and intuition as your guide to inspired living.

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A course for women who want to create and maintain fulfilling relationships in their life.


I’m all about creating opportunities.

I’ve worked with many clients who have been at a crisis point in their life. Each time I've helped them to turn the CRISIS point into an OPPORTUNITY.

I’ve combined my 25 years of professional experiences and expertise in education, counselling and coaching to create my unique services. 

I’m all for living the best life personally and professionally.

The best life involves using the best tools. The most powerful tool a human has is choice.

Let me help you to make choices for living your best life.