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Life is not about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

I had an interesting start to life, one that has invisibly directed me. I WAS ADOPTED. I didn’t realise that being adopted meant that I would spend most of my life searching for who I was. 

I didn’t know that being adopted leaves you with a sense of being ABANDONED all through your life. Any loss triggers the abandonment and feels CATASTROPHIC EMOTIONALLY.

It's no wonder I am specialist in grief and loss. 

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I didn’t know being adopted would contribute to me creating DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS time and time again. At 21, I had two children and a superbly dysfunctional partner. Of course, this relationship didn’t last. I ended up a single parent on my own for 8 years and back at my adoptive parents’ home.  I used this time to study for my first degree and to qualifying as a teacher.


You see, no matter what happens I always have a cunning plan to MAKE LIFE EASIER.


I’ve always been good at turning a CRISIS INTO AN OPPORTUNITY.


I spent 18 (mainly fabulous) years as a primary school teacher where I created a good many bonkers creations that brought myself and the children great joy, and memorable learning experiences. I LOVE CHILDREN. They’re honest, unpredictable and live in their imagination as genius creators. Every planned day turned into TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. I’ve had the privilege to love and laugh wildly with each child I’ve taught.

Maybe my most memorable project was a global exchange I set up with two Fe Y Alegria schools in Peru. One in the city of Lima and one in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. I had the privilege to teaching in both schools. 


These people were POOR people yet they still found something to give. 


This trip changed my life!


I did along the way meet my husband and most of our 18 years marriage was hilarious. HE HAD HIS WAY OF LOVING AND I HAD MINE; worked well while I was consumed with teaching. I got a glimpse the evening I was married, this relationship was potentially doomed.  In the end, the demon ALCOHOL PUT A STEAK IN THE HEART of the marriage.


We still get on well now, support each other and share our dogs. I  have learnt NOT TO RESENT as that is a quick way to create a dysfunctional mind and body.  I am grateful of the time we had together.

Unsurprisingly, after my marriage I managed to get into a relationship with a SEX ADDICT. I ended up anxious and insecure about myself! In trying to work out what the hell was going on, I stepped into a loveless world of sexual trauma. A world that NO CHILD SHOULD BE EXPOSED TO, unfortunately they are even when parents, and caregivers, think they are not.


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2015 was the year I decided I would change everything ... my job … my community … my hair … my home … my husband.


I knew I couldn’t carry on working as a teacher as it had become an arena of unrealistic expectations. I was feeling TOTALLY BURNT OUT. Within two days of the whisper entering my head about leaving teaching, I was enrolled on counselling training and sat in a lesson at night school!  Yes, my life moves like this. 


Later that year my son in law suddenly died; I was a wreck feeling burnt out and regretting all those times I had chosen work over my family. The GUILT WAS HEAVY. I left teaching and the community I had served with my heart for 18 years. I experienced the grief of these two losses for years and never denied the waves of pain when they arrived. If I cried, I cried. Now those tears have been transformed into tears of gratitude as I can see how these losses have truly benefited my life. All these TEARS HONOUR MY PAST.

2018 was the year I met my brother and family. 


Well, I wasn’t expecting to find all my family. I wasn't looking as I'd searched before and it got me nowhere. I found out I was related to nearly a whole village of welcoming, friendly people in Southern Ireland. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART I had the most amazing brother, sister in law and niece who (inconveniently) live in Perth, Australia. 


First picture ever with my big bro Aiden ... only by a year and an inch though. 

Not everybody gets reunited with their family and many adoptees go to their grave still searching. 


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All that change took it’s toll on my health. BS builders and the longest, short building job on my new house was the final trigger for FIBRO-INCONVENIENCE-MYALGIA. Totally knocked me off my feet, sometimes not even energy to wash a mug and while completing my counselling degree. Bad timing!


My big release has always been exercise and this fibro-inconvenience-myalgia put a stop to all of that. DEPRESSION HIT … 


The pandemic forced me to hibernate. My worked moved to home for on-line and telephone counselling. I was moving like a sloth, at least I didn’t have to move far. By this time I had a heck of a lot of experience as a counsellor, and completed a ton of work on myself, but I felt like I was STILL SEARCHING for myself. 

I used this hibernation to find a way to heal and to stop this endless search for who I was. Turning this


I found two Alchemy based curriculums, and one neuroscientist, that started my FAST TRACK HEALING and to a place where I STOPPED SEARCHING FOR MYSELF.

I learnt how to create using the coded power of choices.

I learnt I was creating EVERYTHING.

Do you have a life story you are trying to make sense of?

Have you got a CRISIS you would like to turn into an OPPORTUNITY?

Let me help you MAKE LIFE EASIER!