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Counselling & Coaching 
Women Only

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Professional Profile

I am degree level, MBACP accredited counsellor with a Gestalt therapy foundation. In 2021, I certified as a Magnetic Mind Coach.

I use a purposeful mix of active listening, relevant psycho-education and proven interventions from psychotherapy, counselling and coaching to adapt to the needs of each client. I believe education offers transformation so that forms a key aspect of my approach.

I offer a confidential women only counselling & coaching service. I specialise in sex & relationship issues, grief/loss menopause, loss of purpose, burnout, out of balance, pleasing - any issues that women encounter in an ever busy world.


I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore any problem.


Counselling and psychotherapy traditionally deals with understanding and overcoming issues/events from the past and how it is impacting the present 'here and now'. Whereas, coaching is more about change and action in the present so you are actively creating what you want in the future.


My approach can help you to understand, and move towards accepting, your past whilst actively creating the life you want and who you want to be with compassion and empathy.

I have a wealth of experiences working with clients and all my work is supported by a breadth of theoretical approaches I have been training in. I use this as the foundation of my work and to ensure a safe, therapeutic space is created for clients. These include: 

Person Centred Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Play Therapy, Attachment Theory, Choice Theory, Object Relational Theory & Imago Relationship Therapy.

My coaching courses with the Natural Success Academy and Conscious Education taught me how to use energetic and Hermetic principles.  This informs all aspects of my personal life and professional work.

How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself Epictetus, Stoic Ph
How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself Epictetus, Stoic Ph

I believe that EVERYBODY HAS UNIQUE GIFTS TO OFFER THE WORLD and they are often found during the most challenging or uncertain times.


Work with me to find these gifts so you can use them to create your best self and your best life, personally and professionally.

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What is your crisis point?

Lost direction in your life? Having relationship issues?  

Feeling overwhelmed/burned out with work or family?

Stuck in grief?

Suffering from anxiety, depression or oscillating moods?

Haunted by past events?

Trauma stopping you living?

Feeling stuck?


I have worked with, and experienced in my life, all of these crisis points. I have been able to help clients gain wisdom from the crisis, and turn the crisis into an opportunity in ONE session.

I am all for using a crisis point to create an opportunity to live the best life possible.

A trauma can create a crisis. Everybody has traumas to some degree in their life. I have worked with various traumas and helped clients to neutralise the high emotive charge, gain wisdom from the experience and find the opportunity within it.




I have really enjoyed working with Janet. She is professional, insightful and very knowledgeable.  I have tried many different modalities before but what I liked with Janet's method was that although there was an acknowledgement of the past and areas were I was stuck in life, the focus was on the positive future I wanted to create. I was empowered to make my own choices on how I wanted to live my life.


The session content was thorough and not superficial, yet the focus is not about constantly un-picking the painful past. Janet's method constructively helped me move forward in my life so I am creating my best life. She will do this for you.


All this and done with so much compassion and humour.


I would totally recommend her to anyone and everyone.


Thank you, Janet xx,


Yvonne H, Liverpool UK

Holistic Therapist

Please note I do not offer a suicide, domestic violence, or addiction emergency service. If you are struggling the Samaritans offer a free service: Samaritans.org   or  Ring 116 123  or  Text SHOUT to 85258